Wilson says new state budget puts ‘other interests’ ahead of the people

OLYMPIA… Sen. Lynda Wilson, R-Vancouver and Republican leader on the Senate Ways and Means Committee, offered this statement following this afternoon’s final passage of a new 2021-23 state operating budget, on a partisan 27-22 vote in the Senate:

“The budget leader for the Senate Democrats calls this new budget ‘awesome’. It’s only awesome for those who like the idea of being on the path to a full-blown state income tax, and paying more for energy and fuel, and even paying more for their cellphone service – and don’t mind passing up opportunities to save on their property taxes, and encourage the creation of more good-paying manufacturing jobs, and end the upward spiral of the state gas tax.

“If you like a budget that is harder on people with lower incomes and people in marginalized communities, and sneaks a billion dollars out of the rainy-day fund into a slush fund, then the Democrat budget is a winner. Our Senate Republican budget would have maintained services, reduced the tax burden on families and small businesses, saved for the future, and made game-changing investments without requiring new taxes. Our approach respects the people and reflects their priorities, but the Democrats have other interests in mind, and that’s who comes out ahead with this budget.”

Click here to view Sen. Wilson’s remarks about the budget prior to the final vote.