Taxes and Tax Relief

March 04, 2024

Wilson says passage of voter initiatives is ‘huge win for the people’

OLYMPIA… The Legislature today followed through on three requests from Washington voters by approving initiatives that will lift restrictions on police pursuits, ban any income tax in Washington and create a parental bill of rights in public education. Sen. Lynda Wilson helped pass Initiative 2111, Initiative 2081 and Initiative 2113...
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March 02, 2024

E-News: Three down, three to go! Initiatives are moving… and that’s a good thing!

It’s rare to be part of a committee hearing for an initiative to the Legislature, because in the past 30 years only one such measure had received enough voter signatures to qualify (this year a record SIX were qualified and submitted). This is from our Wednesday-morning hearing on Initiative 2113,...
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March 01, 2024

STATEMENT: Wilson votes to support income-tax ban, repeal of police-pursuit restrictions sought by voters

OLYMPIA… This morning a majority of members of the Senate Ways and Means Committee endorsed Initiative 2111, which would prohibit any income tax in Washington. The vote took place shortly after a majority on the Senate Law and Justice Committee had approved Initiative 2113, which would repeal the 2021 law...
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February 25, 2024

E-News: Check your energy bill! How does the cap-and-trade law affect you?

As a supporter of the six initiatives submitted to the Legislature this year, I appreciated being able to say a few words Friday to a crowd of others who rallied on the Capitol steps because they feel the same way! February 25, 2024 Hello Friends and Neighbors, Tomorrow is Day...
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February 23, 2024

K-12 education, public safety lead list of changes made in supplemental budget adopted by Senate

OLYMPIA… By a strongly bipartisan 45-4 vote, the Senate today adopted a supplemental operating budget that would make important investments in K-12 education and public safety without requiring any tax increases. Sen. Lynda Wilson, R-Vancouver and Senate Republican budget leader, offered these comments about the $71.6 billion plan, which revises...
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February 16, 2024

E-News: Think every legislator puts the safety of children first? Think again

  February 16, 2024 Hello Friends and Neighbors, As of today there are 20 days left in this year’s session. With the exception of budget updates, we’re through with moving Senate bills across to the House of Representatives, and are back to meeting as committees – this time to consider...
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February 14, 2024

STATEMENT: Slight increase in revenue confirms need for responsible spending approach, says Senate Republican budget leader

OLYMPIA… Sen. Lynda Wilson says the latest state revenue forecast confirms the wisdom of keeping a firm grip on spending in the supplemental operating budget that must be adopted before lawmakers adjourn March 7. Wilson, R-Vancouver, chairs the state Economic and Revenue Forecast Council. It met this morning to adopt...
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February 09, 2024

STATEMENT: Budget leader glad to see Democrats drop proposed property-tax increase

OLYMPIA…Sen. Lynda Wilson, R-Vancouver and Senate Republican budget leader, offered this comment after learning the proposal to allow local governments to raise property taxes by up to 3% annually without a vote of the people will not move any further this legislative session. The Democratic senator who is prime sponsor...
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February 02, 2024

E-News: Upset about the ‘climate’ charge on your utility bill? There’s an initiative for that

If you’re a customer of NW Natural and were shocked by the “WA Climate Act Fee” on your bill, you are not alone. On top of Washington’s artificially high prices for gasoline, this is another consequence of the partisan cap-and-trade law that was adopted in 2021 and would be repealed...
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January 23, 2024

STATEMENT: Republican budget leader says I-2109 certification is path to another public vote on income tax

OLYMPIA… Sen. Lynda Wilson, R-Vancouver and budget leader for the state Senate’s Republican caucus, made this statement today after Initiative 2109 was certified by the secretary of state. I-2109 would repeal the tax on capital-gains income approved by the Legislature’s majority Democrats in 2021; unless enacted by lawmakers during their...
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