February 28, 2020

E-Newsletter: Is the Tiffany Hill Act in trouble?

February 28, 2020 Hello Friends and Neighbors, The Tiffany Hill Act received a very warm reception at its first stop in the House of Representatives, but there is now concern that the bill may hit a roadblock. Please read on for the details and how you can help. This legislative...
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January 31, 2020

E-Newsletter: Senate passes Tiffany Hill Act, and more from Week 3

Hello Friends and Neighbors, Today marks the end of the third week of our nine-week legislative session at the Capitol. Most of our work will continue to take place at the committee level for another week or so, before we move to the floor of the Senate chamber for an...
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January 18, 2020

E-newsletter: Great News!

Hello Friends and Neighbors, I want you to share some great news about SB 5149, now known as the Tiffany Hill Act. Yesterday I received word that the bill is scheduled for “executive action” – meaning a committee vote – at next Thursday morning’s meeting of our Senate Law and...
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June 07, 2019

E-NEWSLETTER: New tax even goes after the ‘Avon Lady’

Hello, Friends and Neighbors! I appreciate that almost 100 people took 90 minutes out of this past Saturday to attend our town hall at WSU Vancouver. We covered a wide range of issues, and it was clear that some in the audience had very different opinions at times – but...
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May 22, 2018

E-NEWSLETTER: Students, salmon, and support for state constitution

Dear Friends and Neighbors, Let me start by thanking the dozens of people who attended our town-hall meeting earlier this spring. We covered a broad range of issues, and the questions and comments from constituents were very informative. Considering the level of partisanship I’d seen at the Capitol during this...
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February 15, 2018

E-NEWSLETTER: Major victory!

Dear Friends and Neighbors, During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the U.S. government came in and confiscated people’s firearms, leaving them helpless to protect themselves.  Chaos ruled the day while emergency services and first responders were stretched thin and unavailable to help. About five years ago, before I...
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February 09, 2018

E-NEWSLETTER: I’ve got good news and bad news…

Dear Friends and Neighbors, Let’s start with the good news… Eight of the nine bills I prime-sponsored this session have survived cutoff, and two of them were unanimously passed by the Senate today. SB 5213 is a “good little bill” that would allow Limited License Legal Technicians to be fairly...
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January 26, 2018

E-NEWSLETTER: Busy much?

Dear Friends and Neighbors, Today marks the end of what has been the busiest week of session so far for me, with committee meetings, hearings on some of my bills, evening floor sessions, and many constituent appointments. We will continue to hold hearings on Senate policy bills over the next...
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January 19, 2018

E-NEWSLETTER: Two down, seven to go…

Dear Friends and Neighbors, We are now wrapping up the second week of this short session.  We started the week with packed hearings in the Law and Justice Committee on several firearms related bills that have generated quite a bit of controversy.  I’ve received and responded to nearly 3,000 e-mails...
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January 12, 2018

E-NEWSLETTER: 2018 session, Week 1

Dear Friends and Neighbors, I’m back in Olympia for the 2018 Legislative Session.  The 60-day session began this Monday at a breakneck pace. Just one day into the session, and the Senate’s new Democratic majority’s first official action was to repeal the 2/3 vote requirement for tax increases. I hate...
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