E-NEWSLETTER: Major victory!

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the U.S. government came in and confiscated people’s firearms, leaving them helpless to protect themselves.  Chaos ruled the day while emergency services and first responders were stretched thin and unavailable to help.

About five years ago, before I was ever elected, I came across a Clark County ordinance that gave the commission the authority to disarm citizens during a declared state of emergency, just like what occurred after Katrina.

No citizen should be left vulnerable in times of emergency, which is when they most need the ability to protect themselves.  So I worked tirelessly on this issue and succeeded in getting that local ordinance put down so your lawful right to possess firearms would not be infringed.

Fast forward to this week, when SB 6006 appeared on the Senate floor.  This bill would have given the Governor the authority, under a declared state of emergency, to disarm law abiding citizens, in direct violation of both the Washington State and U.S. Constitutions.

I offered an amendment to this bill which would have removed the Governor’s ability to prohibit possession of a firearm during a declared state of emergency. Following my speech on the amendment, I was joined by five courageous members of the majority party, who bucked their party leadership in support of my amendment. The remaining members of the majority immediately pulled the bill from consideration to avoid taking a recorded vote on this issue!

I am told that if SB 6006 returns next year as a new bill, this offending language will not be included.  This is a major victory for those who value our constitutional rights – and our ability to protect ourselves and our loved ones when disaster strikes!

Yours in service,

Senate passes Wilson’s Mental Health For Heroes Act

Sen. Wilson gives floor speechEarlier this week the Senate unanimously approved SB 5525, which would require each of our four-year institutions to employ at least one full-time mental health counselor with practical experience working with veterans and their families.

Our veterans have very unique needs.  As these folks transition back into civilian life and attend college, this type of specialized counseling can really help our veteran heroes and their families by assessing their needs, offering evaluations, or simply staying in contact with them throughout their college careers.  Read my press release to learn more about the Mental Health For Heroes Act.