Small business ‘bill of rights’ is Wilson’s first Senate bill

On Wednesday, Sen. Lynda Wilson, R-Vancouver, passed her first Senate bill, establishing a small business “bill of rights.” Wilson began her first term in the Senate planning to make a positive impact for small businesses and made this bill a priority.

“As a small business owner, when the government shows up at your door, there’s a lot of apprehension,” said Wilson. “This bill makes it very clear what rights you have as a small business owner and what rules the government has to follow.”

Senate Bill 5230 would require the Attorney General to work with a select number of state agencies to review their laws, rules, and internal policy documents to identify the rights a small business owner has when a state agent shows up at their door to conduct an audit or inspection. The Attorney General would then report to the Legislature how to improve the process of notifying small-business owners of their rights in the event of audit, inspection or enforcement actions.

“It is a great honor to serve this district and I’m proud that my first bill passed in the Senate will make a real difference for small business owners across the state,” said Wilson.

The bill passed unanimously and will go to the House with strong bipartisan support.