In The News: Changes could be coming to WA sales tax exemption for Oregonians (KPTV-TV, Portland)

(KPTV) – If you live in Oregon and you shop in Washington, you could see big changes coming to how the state handles sales tax exemptions.

As it currently stands, Oregonians can show their drivers license and fill out a form at the point-of-sale to avoid paying the Washington sales tax.

But under Senate Bill 5997, which passed in both the Washington Senate and House, that system would go away. If signed by Governor Jay Inslee, starting in July, shoppers would be allowed a single reimbursement per year.

That means you would have to save all of your shopping receipts over the course of the year, fill out a form with the Washington State Department of Revenue and mail it off to get a refund back for the sales tax you paid on your purchases.

Lawmakers are banking on the fact that most people won’t take the time to do it, or may submit some but not all of their receipts for reimbursement.

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