E-NEWSLETTER: Ready to get to work!


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We’ve reached the end of a good first week in Olympia and we have a lot of exciting work ahead. In my first week as Senator for the 17th District, I was impressed by the high energy level and sense of urgency I felt from everyone involved. We’re ready to get to work!

I already dropped some of my first bills, but have more coming soon. I’ll be explaining my bills in more depth in the coming weeks.

The Legislature alternates between long sessions (105 days) and short sessions (60 days) because we operate on a two-year, or “biennial,” budget. This year is a long, 105-day session. We write and pass the biennial state budget during a long session, which means we have a number of major issues to address this year, such as education funding, mental health, and healthcare costs.

That means I will need to hear from you! Please send me your feedback, ideas, and concerns as we take on the challenges of protecting your tax dollars and individual freedoms.

Yours in service,

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Taking the Lead on Higher Education

Committee Lynda Wilson

This year, I was appointed to serve as the Chair of the Senate Higher Education Committee. That means I get to take the lead on any issues affecting our state’s universities, colleges, and community colleges. Washington has some of the best schools in the nation, so I take the privilege and responsibility very seriously.

We’ll be discussing many issues, but I hope to focus on a few areas in particular.

  • Protecting taxpayer dollars: It’s important to me that we make sure we’re getting a solid return on investment for our higher education dollars, such as with State Need Grant funding.
  • Preparing students for the job market: I’m concerned about how well schools are preparing graduates to compete in the job market and will be examining their results closely.
  • Promoting the freedom of ideas on campus: Washington is a diverse state with a broad range of values and perspectives. Our schools should reflect that.

Meet My Staff

I am very privileged to have a high quality team in my Olympia office this legislative session. If you come to visit or contact my office for help, please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to them.

Team Wilson

Amber Hardtke

Senior Legislative Assistant

Amber has served the citizens of Clark County for over 17 years as a Legislative Assistant, joining Team Wilson upon her election to the House in 2014.  She staffs Senator Wilson’s office year-round and is your go-to contact for any questions or comments about what’s going on in Olympia.

Leo Marquez

Session Aide

Leo originally grew up in Eastern Washington where he went to Central Washington University. He graduated in the spring of  2016 with a major in History and a minor in Political Science. He is currently a medic in the Army National Guard and is looking forward to spending the session working on behalf of the 17th District.

Emmett Mills


Emmett Mills is an intern from Western Washington University where he studies Political Science.  He grew up in Corvallis, OR, and enjoys playing and recording music in his spare time.

Still Time to Get Page Applications In

Know a student aged 14-16 who is interested in government? The Senate Page Program allows them the opportunity to come to the state Capitol to work for a week, learning about government and getting hands-on experience with the legislative process.

To apply or receive more information, please email me at Lynda.Wilson@leg.wa.gov or call my office at (360) 786-7632. You can also click here to go to the website for the program or download the application form by clicking here.