E-NEWSLETTER: Hang onto your wallet!

As we approach the midpoint of this short, 60-day legislative session, the full court press for new taxes is about to begin.  You may recall my warning about this in my week one e-newsletter.

Earlier this week, Governor Inslee held a press conference where he called upon the Legislature to “step up” and pass his massive $3 BILLION carbon tax plan.  I have examined the Governor’s proposal, and there is no getting around the fact that SB 6203, is first and foremost, a new tax on energy.  Heedless to the concerns Republicans have expressed about this regressive tax (which will dramatically increase the cost of electricity and motor fuel — $.40 per gallon to start — on those who can least afford it) while producing little to no measureable results in reducing carbon emissions, Governor Inslee is hitting the road next week to try and sell his proposal.

Later that same day, a bill was introduced in the House, once again seeking to impose a capital gains income tax – only this time proponents are attempting to disguise their efforts as a property tax cut!  HB 2967 is by far, the cleverest attempt yet to set up a test case for a state income tax, which voters have soundly rejected 10 times.  You see, proponents of this plan are counting on citizen outrage over the one-year property tax spike that was part of the bipartisan McCleary solution last session to serve as a groundswell of support for this plan, which would “buy down” that increase by replacing it with a capital gains income tax.

I need your help to stop these proposals!

Senate Majority Leader Sharon Nelson has signaled her caucus’s support to get SB 6203 across the finish line this year, and in fact, the bill was passed in a late-evening committee meeting last night. Because the bill deals with tax policy, it still has to go through a fiscal committee before coming to the Senate floor. Contact the members of the Senate Ways and Means Committee and tell them how you feel about this $3 BILLION tax increase.  Contact Senator Nelson and let her know what you think too!

The House Finance Committee is set to hold a public hearing on HB 2967 this Monday, February 5th. Contact the committee members and let them hear your voice once again about this back door effort to impose a state income tax!

With Democrats now controlling both chambers of the Legislature and the governor’s mansion, there is no back stop for these unnecessary tax increase proposals.  And don’t forgot that the 2/3 vote for tax increases rule was the first thing to be repealed on opening day…

If you want more information about any of these proposals, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  You can call my office at 360.786.7632, or send me an e-mail at lynda.wilson@leg.wa.gov

Yours in service,