Wilson becomes Republican leader on Senate budget committee

OLYMPIA… Sen. Lynda Wilson has been tapped to serve as lead Republican on the Senate Ways and Means Committee for the next two years. She succeeds Sen. John Braun, who became Senate Republican leader last week, and is the first female budget leader for the Senate Republican Caucus.

Wilson, R-Vancouver, said she expects the COVID-19 pandemic will focus the budget committee’s work as never before.

“At a time like this the priorities seem pretty straightforward. First, let’s be thankful there is no longer a big deficit on the horizon, and leave well enough alone by coming up with a no-frills budget to get through the next two years while the economy recovers,” Wilson said. “Second, let’s look for every opportunity to direct financial relief toward Washington employers, especially small businesses, whether that’s done through changes in tax policy or by dispersing any money that comes from the federal government.

“No one should be proposing more of the big spending commitments and big new taxes we’ve seen in the past few years. This pandemic should have taught people that they simply can’t take the economy for granted.”

Wilson said her two years on the budget committee have given her a clear sense of what to expect as Republican leader, adding that her decades of business experience will be a big help.

“I know my way around a balance sheet, I’m not afraid of long hours and I have the fortitude to handle the pressure that goes with this job,” she explained. “It will be an honor to serve the people of my district and our state in this new capacity.”