Five Wilson bills signed into law

After the conclusion of the regular legislative session, five of Sen. Lynda Wilson’s, R-Vancouver, bills are set to become law. As of today, all of those bills have been signed into law by the governor.

“It’s a long road for a bill to become law and I am extremely pleased to have this much success in bringing several good bills to this final step,” said Wilson. “Whether it’s helping local businesses, aligning higher education with good careers or just modernizing business rules, these bills will have an immediate positive impact on the community.”

The governor signed Senate Bills 5285, 5665 and 5778 on Thursday and Senate Bill 5338 on Friday. Senate Bill 5185 was signed last week.

Two of the bills were results of Wilson’s leadership as chair of the Senate Higher Education Committee. Senate Bill 5285 launches a study of the highest career demand in agriculture, natural resource and environment jobs, which will be provided to career counselors who guide students planning their futures. Senate Bill 5778 protects assistance for veterans seeking higher education.

Two other Wilson bills signed this week will benefit local businesses by helping keep off-road vehicle purchases in Washington rather than Oregon (Senate Bill 5338) and modernizing purchasing rules for alcohol (Senate Bill 5665).

Senate Bill 5185 lowers barriers to calling on the volunteer expertise of professional associations in the response to a natural disaster.

Wilson had five total bills and four House companion bills pass the Legislature during the regular legislative session which ended April 23rd.